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12 celebrity couples everyone is fed up of seeing (With Pictures)



Celebrity couples everyone is fed up of seeing – Everyone loves romance, but there are just some celeb couples that we are so sick of seeing and hearing about. You know that couple that is always front row at every event trying to out due everyone else with their bling, or the couple who just can’t seem to keep their mouths shut, especially about things they know absolutely nothing about.


There are celebrity couples that we just want to scream enough is enough at. You know the couple, who make you roll your eyes and say “oh please!” The couples who literally make you sick to your stomach with their arrogant and all about us attitudes. You know the couples that you hope break up asap so you never have to see again.

Some of the couples are just annoying, some are straight up crazy and others you are not quite sure why you dislike them, but you are certain that you do. You know those couples that prevent you from buying your favorite magazine because they are on the cover. Or the couple who you turn the channel on every time they show up on your TV screen. Whether they are A-listers or D- listers, here is a look at 12 celebrity couples we are fed up of seeing.

12. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds


Why do people dislike Blake and Ryan? Is it because they come across as so perfect that they seem plastic? Do we hate the fact that they always look so put together? Does it drive us crazy that they look like a Disney couple that should have animated birds tweeting love songs as they circle around and around their heads?

Maybe we hate them because we believe it is impossible for anyone to be as happy as they always look and many feel like they are giving us false hope that true love is out there. Whatever the reason, Lively and Reynolds have made the ‘we don’t like you one bit’ list.

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