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20 Celebrities who had real sex on camera (With Pictures)


Celebrities who had real sex on camera – Hollywood is a magical land where just about anything can happen. Including real life sex. Yup, that’s right, there have been instances of celebs going full-on intercourse for the sake of a great movie, television show, or music video.


And then there are the celebrities who are rumored to have done so for the big screen. This list of 20 Celebrities Who Didn’t Mind Having Real Sex for the Big Screen will open your eyes to a whole new meaning of committing to your craft.

Some of the stars on our list have openly admitted to getting down and dirty in front of the cameras, while others have stayed quiet about it. Hey, Hollywood is full of the gorgeous, chiseled bodies of the rich and famous; can we really blame celebs for taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some great hanky panky?

This list will surprise you and make you go back to your movie collection to see just how believable these sex scenes were. Odds are, they were very real indeed! These celebs show us just how dedicated they are to their job. So much so that they don’t mind shedding their clothes and baring it all while the cameras rolled.

20. Notorious B.I.G. – “Ready to Die” Music Video


Notorious B.I.G. died not too long ago and was unable to answer our burning question of whether or not he totally did it in a music video. In the video for “Ready to Die”, it looks as though the heavy-set rapper is receiving oral sex. So his rapper cohort P. Diddy decided to dish on the filming of that now notorious music video. According to him, Notorious B.I.G. was definitely engaging in some sexual behavior during the filming for “Ready to Die.” He went on to say that he thinks if Notorious B.I.G. were alive today, he would not be ashamed of admitting it. True rapper fashion, huh?

19. Shia Labeouf and Stacey Martin – Nymphomaniac


Shia LaBeouf was no stranger to baring it all for the cameras. He had already exposed himself in a music video for Sigur Ros, but he took is a step further when he starred in Nymphomaniac alongside Stacey Martin. It is said that the two co-stars were actually showing off real-life intercourse on the big screen in the film, which was directed by Lars Von Trier. What happened to the little Louis we all loved to watch in the Disney series Even Stevens? Shia’s newer roles are much more advanced and have us blushing all over! Rumor has it that Shia was totally not acting when he and Stacey engaged in a hot and steamy love affair during Nymphomaniac. Go on and watch it, if you dare!

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