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Why Aki and Paw Paw separated

Could you recall you guys’ meeting point?

It was easy for me to shuttle between school and locations in Enugu back then, but Paw Paw usually came from Aba. I had been in the industry before him and, according to him, he had been longing to meet me and we eventually met in 2001 at a location.

How do you draw inspiration?

Sometimes, I wonder how I come about these things, but I would say I draw the inspiration from God and I mimic people a lot, especially when I was a little boy. My mum does that perfectly. I think it runs in the blood.

Not that the pranks I played at my tender age coupled with what I gathered in my surroundings then gives me joy, but I have been able to bring them into acting to give people a clear picture of what is happening in different homes and the society at large. I love my parents’, unfortunately I lost my dad last year, but my mum was actually my source of inspiration because she is a woman that would ensure that her children have the best.

You are always hyperactive in movies. Is that part of your scripts or you act outside of the scripts?

(Laughs…) The truth is that I always research on any scripts I lay my hands on. I usually have a mental picture of how I would want to see myself in a movie., especially when I want to play the role of a kid. I pick from how my cousin or nephew play in the real sense into the character and once I hear action, I am the character at that moment. Honestly, I have to be professional about it because if I don’t do that, I won’t be able to convince my audience. It has been interesting. Sometimes, I play double role, which is one of the advantages of my size. I could play an adult and also a child at the same time.

Have you ever been misrepresented as a kid?

We are all human beings and any body that sees me for the first time would think I am a baby, but when I talk, my reaction would give the person an understanding that I am not. I did not create myself and I cannot change myself either. There is nothing I can do about that; no amount of plastic surgery can increase my height, except if God wants me to grow taller than I am.

I have realised that we leave in a world where people are easily carried away. A lot of people are myopic and my perception about life is quite different from theirs. Sometimes an adult will see you and misbehave. Despite the cautioning, they still go ahead to laugh at me and sometimes, many even try to tease me. People don’t understand that the Aki they see on the screen is different from Chinedu Ikedieze.

Are you the only one with a small stature in your family?

Yes. I don’t know how it happened and I was not bothered to ask my parents about it. I just knew I was created that way. I am the first son of the family.

How were you able to handle the crisis that struck when you rang your wedding bell?

It wasn’t difficult because I had an effective event planner. You will agree with me that there must be division of labour; I cannot be everywhere.

News had it that you asked Paw Paw to vacate the apartment both of you once leaved in as a bachelor when you got married

There was no clash between us. Then, the owner of the property wanted to use it, so we both had to vacate the apartment. The truth must be told, we cannot live together forever. We are adults and someday we would get married. We are not same twins, I am from Abia and he is from Imo. It’s just that we are good friends. It is not bad we go our separate ways, though; we are not far from each other.


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