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10 actors who almost played Batman (With Pics)

10 Actors Who Almost Played Batman theinfongBatman is a pretty frequent character as far as movies and television goes. In just movies alone, we’ve had five already (Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and Christian Bale) with Ben Affleck going to become the sixth when Batman V. Superman releases this March. With the amount of production that typically goes for films, you have to wonder what other choices producers and directors had to play the role of the Dark Knight.


After all, almost no movie roles are chosen from the get-go, with multiple actors being considered and even asked until they finally get who they think will fit the role best.

This is very true for the character of Batman. He is a cultural icon and will be the centre of one of those franchises that will continuously be rebooted and have movies made for many years. After all, he’s been on the big screen since the 60s. Bruce Wayne isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

So keeping that in mind, who are some of the face they had in mind for the cape and cowl? The likes of Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton certainly weren’t first choice in the director’s mind. Who turned down the role? Who didn’t make the cut? And if you don’t like Affleck, there were even worse choices than that. Keep reading to see 10 actors who almost got the role of Batman.

10. Willem Dafoe


Spider-Man’s psychotic villain, Green Goblin, and The Fault in Our Stars’ drunken jerk, Peter Van Houten, Willem Dafoe is known for playing mentally unstable, rude, insane individuals. However, when the 1989’s Batman began production, he was in talks to play the Dark Knight himself! (Despite his resemblance to the Joker). Overall, I’m not sure that we would have enjoyed the film had Dafoe taken up the role, as he wouldn’t be able to properly portray the brooding billionaire that is the Batman. For some unknown reasons, he wound up losing the part to Michael Keaton.



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