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10 celebrities who has had a threesome – This will shock many! (With Pictures)


Celebrities who had a threesome – The elusive threesome: every man’s dream, and apparently some women’s as well. As soon as a young man hits puberty, he starts thinking about sex. Then pretty much right away after that, he thinks about having sex with two women at once.


Because what could be better than having sex with one woman? That is easy. Having sex with two women of course. Well, I suppose three would be even better but now we are really getting out there in fantasy land. This post isn’t about fantasies, it is about reality, and the reality is a lot of celebrities have had threesomes.

Whether they be male or female, celebrities are not that much different than you or I. They have the same thoughts and the same fantasies. Well, they might be a little different, because while a lot of us might dream of threesomes, the celebrities on this list have made it happen.

Some of these celebs admitted they have had threesomes, others have had people spill the beans without their approval. Still, others wrote about or even videotaped their threesomes. Some of them have even done the threesomes with their girlfriends or their wives. A threesome with your wife? What?

Here is our list of 10 Celebrities Who Have Had A Threesome.

10. Charlie Sheen, Bree Olson, And Brooke Mueller


Just like Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen just had to be on this list? Threesome? Charlie? I bet Charlie could be on this list all by himself along with numerous women he had threesomes with. Charlie calls his ladies Goddesses and has lived with two women at once, and slept in the same bed with both, so it is pretty safe to say threesomes are not a big deal to him. One threesome he had was with his ex-wifeBrooke Mueller and adult film star Bree Olson. Bree revealed that she engaged in a threesome with Charlie and Brooke, at Charlie’s request.“I didn’t mind it,” Bre said “She’s hot. Pictured here is Bree Olson with Natalie Kenly, who also reportedly had a threesome with Sheen.

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