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10 Hot female celebrities who looked naked wearing skin-colored clothing

Celebrities who looked naked – There are lots of interesting red carpet trends that celebrities experiment with. The majority of the trends are things that regular people couldn’t get away with wearing because they would look downright ridiculous. Somehow stars step out on the red carpet and make the trickiest outfits look flawless and effortless.


Celebrities have showed that slashed cutout dresses can actually work as opposed to looking like they got attacked by a pair of scissors. Furthermore, they have proven that illusion dresses can be very chic instead of just looking like longer versions of dance costumes.

However, there are some trends that not even celebrities can master. Nude-colored clothing is the perfect example. If a star is going to attempt the trend, it is essential to get a dress that compliments the celebrity’s skin but doesn’t match it exactly. When it is done right, the dress enhances a celebrity’s complexion and it is an understated look. When it is done wrong, celebs end up looking naked. Sure, the look will turn heads, but it will be because people will be wondering why the celebrity left the house without putting any clothes on.

Things get even more confusing when you add in dramatic silhouettes or embellishment. If there isn’t enough of a contrast between the star’s actual skin and the fabric on their dress, it can look like they have some sort of skin condition or large growth. It is not the sort of look that is going to land them on the best-dressed list. These 10 celebrities are actually wearing clothing, but they look naked thanks to their flesh-toned fabrics:

10. Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is known for her sexy, revealing red carpet looks. The ratio between skin and clothing is always high. However, she ended up looking more naked than she actually was in this dress.  The sheer, neutral fabric matched her skin as well as her foundation shade. The embellishment did nothing to help matters. It just made her look like she had goose bumps or a bad case of boils. Even the belt blends in with her skin tone. The only contrast in the look is Jennifer’s soft pink lipstick, which is sadly not the most flattering color, either.

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