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10 Ugly celebs who look hotter when photoshopped (Before and After Pictures)



Ugly celebs who look hotter when photoshopped – Photoshop is a most interesting tool. People often use Photoshop to touch up photos to make them look just a little bit better. Whether it’s implementing different tones to make pictures more vibrant or adjusting the color so our faces look better in the light, we do our best to spruce up our family photos. For us, there is very little pressure in making the photos look better.


We are simply doing it to present the best photos we can.

If you work for a magazine or advertising agency, however, Photoshop is your livelihood. And what’s more important is when you’re responsible for making celebrities look their best. It becomes almost fictitious when we see magazine covers. Despite having makeup artists and fashion experts with them 24/7, celebrities and models are often touched up to the point where unrealistic expectations are set of what the ideal human being looks like. Photoshop can be a great tool but it also could have a negative effect as well.

When we see these amazing looking celebrities on the covers of magazines and wonder why we don’t look the same it can be a frustrating mental game we play on ourselves. That is why it is so interesting to see the before and after photos of celebrities when they have been Photoshopped. It shows celebrities who they are with just the makeup and their fashion teams trying to make them as perfect as possible minus the computer enhancement of course.

These are 10 Ugly Celebrities Who Look Hotter When Photoshopped.

10. Kate Moss

Kate Moss is a highly successful super model. She is literally a legend in the fashion industry, modeling for the biggest fashion magazines around. And for a long time, she has been pretty open about her body, posing naked many, many times. The supermodel isn’t shy about showing off all her goods (and we mean all). Moss has been photographed with full-frontal views of her breasts and vagina. Every inch of her body is available to the public.

In many of the photos, Moss is cleaned to the skin (or bald as we call it). These days, Moss also gets a little work done on her photos to further clean them up. The beauty has been around living the “model life” for some time. So imperfections come with age and time. It’s pretty unfair to take a 40-year-old and try to compare her to her 20-year-old self…but that’s what Photoshop does. Moss has aged like any human being but Photoshop pulls it all together for Moss these days, especially in the face. She gets the most work done there and comes out looking 20 years younger.

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