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12 signs she thinks you’re good in bed..


Signs she thinks you’re good in bed – The act of sex can come in all different forms; good, bad, mediocre, unsatisfying and even annoying. No one wants to have bad sex but unfortunately, it happens more often than not and we are sometimes stuck in a position where we just cannot leave and are forced to sit in a crappy relationship with what will ultimately be a sexless union.


People underestimate the importance of sex in a relationship until it starts becoming a horrible chore, so bad that you would rather clean your house from top to bottom than lay down in missionary position (no doubt) for an unsatisfying task. This article will praise the men who know what they are doing and who’s significant others will back up that fact. Sex is said to be about both people involved, but let us be honest, there is more pressure on the man to satisfy his girl at all costs so when he finally gets it right we cannot help but practically lose our minds and anything else constricting us from doing it again. Your significant other will truly appreciate the appreciation you show him after a night of amazing sex. A girl will usually drop small hints that she is happy with your love making skills and the more you do it the more confident she will become and the bigger the hints will be. If you think that you are doing a great job satisfying your girlfriend but you want confirmation, take a look at this list and see how many approvals you can tick off.

12. She Is Super Flirty Afterwards


She is lovey-dovey, cuddly and really flirty; she just wants to curl up next to you and be endearing and appealing. This is a sure fire sign that she is satisfied and you are hitting all the right spots. After you guys have caught your breath, your heart rate has reduced to a normal beat, you have gotten over the shock of how awesome that experience was, and she wants you to know that this was a job well done so, she flirts with you and acts like an innocent girl who is so happy for the experience. Embrace her during this time and be sure to do it again soon.



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