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Guys: 15 things she wants you to tell her while making love..

9. She Feels Soft


Sometimes, being a woman isn’t always a walk in the park (surprised?). We are constantly wondering if we smell fresh enough, if our hair is perfect, if our make-up looks good, or second-guessing if we shaved our legs good enough. Even on those days that she may be slightly prickly, it is nice to know that you still think her skin is soft. After all, with the facial and chest hair women tolerate with men, it is only fair for you to appreciate the smooth areas of her body!

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8. That You’ll Make Breakfast

Throughout the generations, they’ve always said that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, but in today’s world the tables have turned and sometimes she just wants to kick back and have her partner prepare her a sandwich after working up a sweat in the bedroom. Not only is this a nice change of pace, but it gives a sense of mutual respect when it comes to sex. Bonus points if you order pizza or make her favorite dessert!


7. Her Downstairs Area Is Pretty


Whether you call it a meat curtain or a pink taco, it is known that a woman’s genitalia comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Each one is unique in its own way and what better way to show your appreciation for her uniqueness than by complimenting how pretty it is. For some women, our private parts still seem like a foreign abyss on our bodies. This is why she would love to hear that while you’re exploring down there, you discovered a beautiful paradise (or something along those lines).

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6. That You Want To Please Her


It is true that most women fake their orgasms or sadly never experience one. If you make it your mission to tell your partner that you won’t stop until she’s satisfied, then you have exceeded her expectations. Don’t be the guy that passes out right after five minutes. Take the time and pay attention to her body language, and pay attention to what she does and doesn’t like. This makes sex much better for both partners. After all, she did not undress herself just so you can snore in her ear five minutes later!



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