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Football: Top 15 most embarrassing sackings in football history (With Pictures)



Most embarrassing sackings in football history – When results go south one person is always left holding the can. In some cases, quite literally – as these embarrassing soccer sackings go to show that the sport has no shame in castigating their coaches in the most humiliating fashion possible.


The football world is a fickle business. Managers are only as good as their last result and a bad run of form can make the difference between a multi-million dollar contract and a life of picking up the groceries on a Tuesday morning. The pain and ignominy of it all.

Owners wield their power over coaches as if they were a leading character on Game of Thrones. Sacked in the tunnel, sacked via text message, sacked on live television – whatever method is the most brutal and ruthless will do just fine thank you very much.

In many instances this is a disgrace to treat dedicated men who give their lives to the craft this amount of disrespect. Then on the other hand, a lot of the coaching fraternity is packed with giant egos that have an inflated opinion of themselves and their standing in the game. When they’re taken down a peg or two, no one should feel too sorry for them.

For the record, it should also be mentioned how sizable a payout many of these coaches receive as they’re being shafted out the back door. Unlike other regular jobs where a sacking will be followed at best by a small severance, recently unemployed soccer managers will be gifted millions for doing a lousy job. It’s a strange dichotomy if you stop to think about it long enough.

So here they are – the 15 most embarrassing soccer sackings ever seen.

15. Carl Fletcher


It’s heartbreaking watching Plymouth Argyle coach Carl Fletcher having to explain that he’s been sacked. “I’ll spend a bit of time with the kids and have some downtime.” The young manager was fighting back tears and was visibly distraught. Imagine being told by your employer you had been fired before facing a number of journalists on live television and radio to talk about it. It’s an ugly business sometimes. Needless to say Fletcher hasn’t managed since and is more than likely scarred by the experience.

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