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Guys, 10 things you do in bed which women really hate..


Things you do in bed which women really hate – Whoever came up with the expression “Women are from Venus; men are from Mars” (hint: it was John Gray) was talking about sex (hint: he wasn’t actually). But he could have been, because sex for men and sex for women are two completely different things.


Now, when they come together (heehee) it can be fabulous. But when one trumps the other, it doesn’t work out for either partner.

This is best illustrated in an episode of Sex and the City, “The Catch”. In it, the romantic heroine Carrie is wooed by the handsome and charming Howie Halberstram. His effortless cool when flirting with her leads her to believe that he’ll be a rock star in bed. Much to her chagrin, he isn’t.

Howie, however, thinks he did a terrific job. After Carrie turns him down later in the episode, telling him she thought it was just a one time thing, he tells her: “If I’d known you were just using me, I wouldn’t have made love to you like that.”

If you never want to be the man who believes he’s a sex-machine while his partners are actually kvetching to their friends, read on. Avoid doing these ten things and you’ll be set for life.

10. Being Too Quiet


If you ain’t got nothing nice to say, then don’t say nothin’. But if you’re enjoying what your partner is doing, SPEAK UP! A lot of men think that just by being there and “standing in salute”, they’re proving that they’re enjoying what they’re getting. And that’s true to some extent. But you gotta think that if you like when your partner makes noise (and who doesn’t?), then she must like it when you make noise, too. After all, sex is a 5 sense experience. If you’re as silent as a wise old oak tree when she’s working hard to please you, then you’re withholding 1/5 of the reward. We don’t expect you to be as eloquent as Aristotle when you’re horizontal, but at least open your mouth. And remember: non-verbal is noise, too!

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