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The 15 most notorious rulers and dictators in history of the world (With Pictures)

2. Kim Jong Il


Kim Jong Il was a total narcissist, and a madman. After gaining power, he lived a life of luxury while his country starved, and had thousands and thousands of people thrown in concentration camps. The true depths of his insanity, and of his despotism, are not known to the world because of his country’s profound secrecy.

Some facts are known about his insecurities, however. He wore platform shoes while on stage at ceremonies, and spread propaganda that his style was being copied all over the world.

Kim told impossible lies about himself to his people, including:

-He didn’t defecate

-He could control the weather

-He invented the hamburger

-He shot the greatest round of golf in history

When he died, a carbon-copy of himself took his place, which was only natural considering he himself was his father’s mini-me. Kim Jong Il ruled North Korea from 1997 until his death in 2011.



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