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The 15 most notorious rulers and dictators in history of the world (With Pictures)

10. Caligula

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Gaius Julius Caesar, commonly known by his nickname “Caligula” (which means “little soldier’s boot”), was a nutcase, although a brain disorder may have been the cause of many of his… eccentricities.

Some examples of his… eccentricities:

-Appointed a horse as a priest

-Spoke to the Moon, or at least tried

-Executed thousands of people, some for no reason other than for his own amusement

-Built a two mile floating bridge (on a dare, naturally)

Not surprisingly, he was assassinated by the Roman senate after he proposed leaving Rome forever and moving to Egypt, where he planned to be worshiped as a living God. If I were a senator at the time, I would have proposed allowing him to do so, just to see how his plan worked out.



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