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Top 15 Shocking moments of nudity on Live TV (With Pictures)


Moments of nudity on Live TV – You and I probably take live TV for granted, because the technological advancements we have today dwarf the huge strides that were made to achieve this level of viewing pleasure. Therefore, we tend to think of live TV as just another one of those things that are integral parts of our society, a channel through which we can witness events happening halfway around the globe in real time.


The benefits of live TV are so many that it would take us a very long time to list down each of them. However, everything in the world, including live TV, has a good and a bad side.

One major challenge of live TV is that the producers of a show do not have time to edit any content that is getting to the viewers, leaving them at the mercy of whatever will happen at the show. This disadvantage has led to the masses viewing extremely controversial, inappropriate, or even banned content on TV, without giving them the chance to sensor that content.

Arguably, there is nothing the producers, the hosts, and even the audience hate more than having the innocent children and youth be exposed to scenes with any form of nudity, whether it is partial or full, intentional or accidental. Therefore, in order to protect all sensitive groups from scenes with nudity on live TV, most media houses have set up different measures to be able to protect their viewers from all sorts of inappropriate content.

However, even with all measures in place, some scenes have passed through the cracks and fallen on our TV screens, with some of the most memorable ones being the following 15:

15. Khloe Kardashian (2011) 


Kim Kardashian tried breaking the Internet with pictures of her naked body, but it seems like she did not achieve her objective because the Internet is not yet broken. After Kim’s exposure, news of any other Kardashian exposing herself will not surprise anyone, because they all need the attention, right? However, when Khloe Kardashianaccidentally exposed, her nipple on live TV on June 7, 2011, at Fox and Friends, it attracted a lot of attention because it was “accidental.” However, in responding to people on Twitter bombarding her with messages, she pointed out how she loved the nip slip and how much she loves nipples.

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