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10 Big wrestling matches that should have happened but didn’t (With Pictures)



Wrestling matches – For years professional wrestling fans have had a number of “dream matches” that they would love to see happen. Back when the WWE had more legitimate competition like WCW and ECW, fans could dream up matches that would take place and, if they did take place, which wrestler would dominate. These dream match scenarios even inspired fantasy wrestling leagues which have been popular online for years.


Many huge matchups actually almost happened, but never did. Whether the matches were changed, cancelled due to injuries, or were simply a case of the producers deciding to go in another direction, all of these fights would have been huge. Wrestling fans from all over the world would have tuned in to see the action. Many of these matchups would have been between two big egos, and one, or both of them refused to lose, even if it was best for professional wrestling at that time.

With that all said, let’s waste no more time and get to the 10 Wrestling Matches That Should Have Happened But Didn’t.

10. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar


Two of the biggest and best brawlers in the history of professional wrestling, Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar, almost did face off, but it never actually ended up happening. With a little built up tension, Lesnar was supposed to beat Stone Cold on Raw. But he didn’t want to lose, and certainly not if it wasn’t gonna be on pay-per-view. His massive ego it seems matched the amount of talent he had in the ring. Wrestling fans can only imagine the hard hitting action that would have gone on and what the end result of Austin stunning Lesnar or Lesnar delivering an F5 to Stone Cold would have been. This one could have turned into a good old Pier 6 brawl and Austin could have won in his prime by delivering not one, but two stunners.

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