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10 Clear signs you’re addicted to social media – See this now! (With Pics)


Signs you’re addicted to social media – Being “addicted” to social media might sound ridiculous at first, but it can actually be a serious problem. Much like being addicted to other things, being addicted to social media can have consequences and can negatively affect your life.


A recent poll found that 55% of people over the age of 25 felt that they had to check in on Facebook at least once per day, and that 49% of people under the age of 25 will let an electronic message interrupt them during a meal. In addition, 48% of people check or update their Facebook or Twitter accounts after they have “gone to bed” That means that for every couple lying in bed, one of them will reach for their phone even after they already said goodnight.

Being addicted to social media basically means that you are unable to stop using it even if you want to. This can cause problems which may include anxiety and low self-esteem. Many people place too high of a priority on keeping up to date with social media, and some even consider it to be their favourite hobby.

Like Jeff Foxworthy might say, you may be addicted to social media if… you speak in sentences of 140 characters or less. Here are 10 more Signs You’re Addicted To Social Media.

10. You Plan On It


It’s bad enough to spend a lot of your time using various forms of social media, but a real sign that you might have a problem is if you spend your time thinking about social media or planning to use it. You may be in a meeting at work where you really can’t use your phone, but instead of listening to your boss you are day dreaming about checking Twitter or Pinterest. You might also spend time trying to come up with that perfect tweet all day just so you can impress your followers once you get home from work. Imagine how bad this could make you feel if nobody cares about what you had to say and worked on all day long.

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