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10 Deadly mistakes people make when starting a new relationship..


Mistakes people make when starting a new relationship – We’ve all been there at some point, wondering where it all went wrong and why you are facing a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. You got dumped, they ghosted or they flat out told you they are no longer interested in continuing the glorious relationship, at least you thought, once was.


Sometimes we are blindsided by this news and sometimes we see it coming, but maybe choose to ignore the warning signs. Either way, there are common mistakes all people do when entering a new relationship, sometimes causing it to fail from the get go.

Mistakes can range from little annoying habits to big no nos, but it’s beneficial to know when to draw the line on making them as well as putting up with them from a partner. Communication is key, so voicing what bothers you instead of letting it build up inside can actually save your relationship in the long run. Every relationship won’t be perfect, because after all we are human and can be sketchy, irritating and inconsiderate at times.

You know that feeling you get sometimes when you know something is off? It’s this certainty you feel, an intuition, a spidey sense we all have naturally when something just isn’t quite right in your relationship or about your partner. Maybe you get it when things are starting to nose dive and fall into the deep end and poof! It’s over. When looking back on what went wrong maybe you will find one of these 10 mistakes you make when starting a new relationship…

10. Defining the Relationship (DTR)


Defining the relationship is tricky because it is all about timing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to know where you stand with somebody, but the proper amount of time spent together must pass. Asking the classic “what are we?” after date number two or three is a little intense and can easily make your prospect flee. DTR helps to create boundaries and expectations within a couple. It allows them to be on the same page, especially when it comes to seeing other people.

Modern day relationships are filled with ambiguity, and one person usually becomes more committed than the other in the early stages. Take the time to get to know each other, see how compatible you are together. Are you eager to know the status because you just want to be in a relationship, or do you genuinely like this person. You can come across as needy and desperate when demanding to know what this is so early on in the game. Don’t stay in limbo forever not knowing but gage your timing and if the person is really into you, they will not head for the hills because their mind is where yours is.

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