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10 Habits you MUST learn to become a millionaire in Nigeria – Make sure you see this!

Habits you MUST learn to become a millionaire – Becoming a millionaire never happens by accident or by magic, rather, it is something that is systematic and also demands a level of wisdom and discipline. If you ask people around you about their goals in life, many of them would say that it is to be rich or wealthy. But the big question is: “How many people are aware of and are also willing to stick to the rules of making wealth?


It is true that people have varying reasons why they want to become rich, but whatever your reasons, there are things you must do to achieve your dreams, especially here in Nigeria. So let’s let you in on some tips on how to become one.

1. Spend Less Than You Earn:

It may sound like common sense but it is not. If this money mistake was simple to avoid, nobody would be in a financial crisis. This is a deadly habit and can ultimately lead to total financial distress. To make matters worse, we now have credit cards and other facilities that make us spend more than our financial means. To curb the urge to spend more than what you earn, maintain a budget and then track it closely. Try as much as you can to avoid things that are way above your means. Whatever it is that you need, there must be a version of it that is within your means. “Before you spend, earn.” ~–William A. Ward.

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