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10 Strangest diseases known to man (With Pictures)

Strangest diseases known to man – The human body is an incredible and complex work of biology. While it manages to hold all our bones, organs, and liquids together for decades, its complexity can prove to be a great weakness. It leaves us vulnerable to a greater number of medical conditions and diseases too grand for our kind’s greatest brains to keep up with. While scientists continue to hunt for the cure for horrible illnesses such as cancer and AIDS, there exist plenty of other, less common diseases that cause their own brand of suffering. 


These rare conditions often leave those afflicted feeling more alone and helpless than anyone. It can be hard to understand just what they are going through, but the first step is to educate yourself. Here are the 10 strangest diseases human kind has encountered.

10. Stone Man Disease


Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva is an extremely rare disease that mutates the body’s repair mechanism. The result is that when an area is injured, whether muscle, tendon, or ligament, the body regrows bone where the soft tissue once was.

This new addition of bone to our natural skeletons causes those inflicted with FOP to lose the ability to move that part of their body. The bone growth can disrupt joints and any other part of the body that injury occurs. Even attempting to surgically remove the new bone only results in the body repairing the new cut with more bone.

It’s an awful disease that causes those afflicted to slowly become caged by their own skeletons. Luckily, as of 2015, science has taken an important step towards curing the often fatal disease. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. based in Tarrytown, NY discovered that the disorder is caused by a mutation in a gene called “ACVR1” that controls bone and muscle development. They are developing an antibody that stops the over active gene. Successful trials have already been run on mice without apparent side effects, so there’s new hope for the 800 plus cases around the world.

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