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10 things virgins discover on their wedding night..

5. It Can End As Quickly As It Began

“Oh is that it?”; sometimes yes. The build up to sex can make your mind go crazy, you sometimes have all these scenarios in your head of what it will feel like, and how it will pay out. Unfortunately, your imagination is just that, your imagination; there is no real way to know how something will turn out until your try it. Yes you have an idea of what to expect but most of the time it turns out to be completely different than you expected. The same thing goes for being intimate, it usually does not last long depending on who you are with and really, as your first time on your wedding night you do not want it to last long, you just want it to be loving.

4. I Did Not Have To Be Married To Enjoy This

By now you have realized that waiting till marriage does not change the idea of being intimate; some people end up laying there and thinking: “I waited this long just for a ring and a fancy/expensive party?”. A tinge of regret forms in the back of your throat; you missed out on intimate moments with other people because you wanted to save yourself. Those intimate moments do not necessarily have to involve intercourse but the idea of sharing a close thought, a friendship with someone that you cut yourself off of because you associated intimacy with intercourse. Even if you do want to wait for marriage do not let it consume your life, allow yourself to experience other sides of intimacy.



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