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10 things virgins discover on their wedding night..

3. The Rumors Are Only Half Truths

All those stories that you hear are usually never true. Everyone has their own experience, and what happened to one person may not happen to you. This is why talking with your girls beforehand can throw a wrench in your excitement. Some of the rumors include; it is awkward, it will hurt really, really bad, it was so fun/boring, the list could go on and on. But in reality you may have realized that oh it did not hurt as bad as I heard, or your experience was actually quite fun and totally not awkward. This is because everyone has a different way of looking at things; even though you are a virgin you could have great sexual chemistry with your new husband so you do not experience the awkwardness, or it may not hurt because you were not a total prude and you have heard of pleasure toys.

2. It Is Still Special

Even though it was maybe not what you expected or ended up being better than you thought, either way it was still special. Contrary to popular beliefs it is hard to stay a virgin; to have that tenacity and drive to wait for the right one then wait a while longer for him to propose and wait some more time for the actual wedding way is no simple feat. So naturally it will be a special moment, as you are not only celebrating the union of your lives but you are celebrating your courage and strength in being able to wait for the right one and make it that special moment that you hoped it would have been all those years ago.



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