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GUYS: 10 things women think before going down to give you head..

4. “I Hope I Don’t Get It In My Mouth”


Carrying a cup of “man juice” to the IVF office, Bette from The L-Word put it best when she said: “God it’s repugnant. I can’t believe I used to swallow this stuff.” Although it’s useful as all hell for perpetuating the species, it really is disgusting. You can’t blame a lady for not wanting it anywhere near her face. The thing about going down is that getting it very near (re: IN) her face is a probability. Although you may think it’s your precious juice of life, she is not that egotistically fond of it. If you’re planning on doing it, at least give her a heads up (ba dum tss) so she can make an eleventh hour decision about how she’ll react when it happens.



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