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13 celebrities who look different month after month – See their pictures!



Celebrities who look different month after month – Celebrities love to stay in the headlines and to do that they need to keep reinventing themselves to keep the public from getting bored. However, there are a few celebrities that change up their style a little more than the others.


We’ve gathered 13 celebrities that look different month after month. Some are drastic, they change their entire persona and some are quite subtle, just a change of hair color to match their mood. It’s quite entertaining to watch their month after month transformations.

In the real world what do you think people would say if you started switching up your style every month? If you’re in junior high or high school, I think it would be excused as ‘finding yourself’ but older than that? I think Katy Perry’s explanation of her eclectic style as a ‘multipersonality fashion disorder’ was pretty spot on. See the 13 celebrities that obviously suffer from undiagnosed ‘multipersonality fashion disorder’.

13. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner. Where to begin? Kylie is unrecognizable when you see photographs of her from only a year ago! The obvious changes are her lips and eyes. Her cheek bones seem to become more prominent and her jawline more defined, however, it’s up for debate if it is just incredible makeup magic or a bit of plastic surgery TLC.

Kylie’s look changes with every passing month. From black hair to ombre green to platinum back to black. She goes from an almost teenage-angst goth look to angelic to a Kim clone. At her age and in the media spotlight, it seems most likely she is trying hard to forge her own identity and find out where.

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