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15 Crazy thoughts EVERY woman has about her body (With Pictures)

6. “What’s That Smell?”


Is this smell normal? You might find yourself asking such a question various times throughout the month. Your body goes through a hormone roller-coaster over the course of a month and with hormone changes come certain smells.

Those women out there that are self-conscious about the way they smell are not alone. It happens! Between hormones, medication, food, fluid intake these things can all change the way you smell. When you are dehydrated you might find your urine has a strong smell to it. That’s a very common side effect of dehydration. Medication can cause your sweat to smell differently. If you eat too much Indian food or Italian and super garlicky foods your body can get a certain scent to it. Again, common. Hormones cause a female to emit certain smells to attract the opposite sex during certain times of the month, now the phermones are technically not supposed to have a noticeable scent other chemicals/scents are emitted during these times that do have an odor.

The obvious things you can do are to bathe more frequently, use douches/feminine sprays, change your diet, or just learn to live with the fact that all women have this and it’s perfectly natural and fine!



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