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17 Dirty things to say to your man when you want him to sleep with you..



Dirty things to say to your man – You’ll be surprised at the effects these will have. Keeping your love life fun, exciting and interesting is vital if you want it to last with your man. That’s why I am going to give you my top 17 sexy things to say to your boyfriend.


I am going to get to the juicy stuff in just a minute (the actual phrases to use on your man during sex). But before I do, there are a few vital ground rules that I have to cover first.

Don’t think of them so much as ground rules, but more like guidelines to make sure they have their intended effect. This is so that you don’t come off sounding weird or worse, sounding like a sex-crazed stalker! Alright, so what are they?

1. Start like a snail.

The first rule or guideline is that you need to “start like a snail.” In other words, you need to start very slowly when whispering, saying, and texting sexy things to your boyfriend, so only try two or three phrases at first. This is so you can gauge the reaction of your man to what you say.

If he seems to get really turned on by the examples that I’m going to give you, then you can keep using similar examples and push it a little further each time. But if it seems to weird him out after trying one or two phrases, then you can tone things down a bit.

Starting slowly also works to build your confidence. If you are not already comfortable with the idea of telling your man naughty, sexy, and even dirty things, then starting slowly will put much less pressure on yourself.

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