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7 things to keep in mind while being photographed to make you photogenic [Must See]

things to keep in mind while being photographed

Things to keep in mind while being photographed: Photographers know a lot of secrets of how to make anyone look great in almost any photo. We are ready to share a few of them with you. Knowing some certain tricks, from now on you will like to be taken pictures of, because these simple tips will help you look stunning in every photo!


Even if you are not yet a celebrity, you still should know how to behave in front of the photo camera. Here are the 7 most essential things to do while posing:

1. Stand with your arms at your sides

Some people do not feel relaxed in front of the cam. A professional photographer knows a few things that can help the person feel at ease. They talk to them, ask random questions trying to get to know the person better and, while answering those questions, the person starts to forget that he is being photographed. But what if you are dealing with an amateur who is there merely to take a picture of you? All you can do is to try to get rid of the tension or at least pretend that you feel good. One of the tricks that can make any person look relaxed in the picture is to stand in front of the camera with your arms at your sides. Do not stand with your arms behind your back or crossed. Let them hand loosely at your sides. The result will be a photo in which you look natural, comfortable, friendly, and at ease. If you have a belt on or wearing clothes with pockets, you can try and experiment various poses with these accessories.



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  1. Steff says

    If you have to cover your left side, why would you turn right???????

  2. brown says

    all these are rubbish I will score u guys 2/10 . you have not said anytin meaninfull

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