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I inherited my brother’s laptop after his suicide, what I found on it made me glad he did it

When I clicked, I read the short text of my brother in a whisper:

I’ve been feeling unappreciated for a long time in this house. My parents are great but they seem to care more about my sister’s academic successes than they do about me. I don’t get out a lot and I wish I could do something to change it.
By this point, I was spewing tears but continued on.

I know everybody here loves me but I’m not so sure I love myself anymore and I feel like I’m just cooping myself away into my own madness. It’s like a descent. I’ve been thinking about exploring and releasing some of these frustrations with another woman but I’m not sure how to approach it. I know a lot of people on here aren’t so much desperate as they are just looking for a good time but at this point I think I’m becoming desperate.
The first reply to him was, “This is the best place to come to reach out. It appears you’re taking your first descent into the manhood that we all have, making somebody play the victim as we have after so many years of doing it ourselves in our own personal lives. You’ll know when the right one comes.”

The second was, “It’s simple. You rape the sister. :P”



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