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The 5 sexiest types of flirters: Which one are you??


Sexiest types of flirters – Finally, psychology is focusing on the important things: flirting. Researchers at the University of Kansas have been busy interviewing a ton of people about their flirting styles and datinghistories, and they’ve managed to solve some of the mysteries of dating.


Dr. Jeffrey Hall not only identified five main styles of flirting, but he also matched them up with the kinds of relationships those flirts lead to. And — surprise! — he found no difference between male and female flirters of each style. Hall teamed up with the University of Kansasand interviewed men and women about their flirting styles and dating histories.

Read all about the five styles of flirting to find out where you fit in.

1. Physical flirts: They aren’t afraid to express sexual interest in their targets. These flirters fall headfirst into relationships quickly, and have a lot of emotional connection and sexual chemistry.

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