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Top 12 hottest daughters of legendary rock stars (With Pictures)


Hottest daughters of legendary rock stars – Celebrity children, when they were little kids clinging to their parent’s arm they were adorable. Magazines paid thousands of dollars to be able to feature these gorgeous offspring for the world to see. This fascination with these celebrity children didn’t stop as they got older.


Now when we see them in magazines and photos they’re grown up and looking better than ever. Some of them have even managed to be just as good looking (if not better looking) than their parents. This can be especially true for the daughters of famous rock stars.

Rock stars are adored by millions of people all over the world. Their incredible music, lavish lifestyles, and insanely good looks have people swooning over them for decades. These rock stars are often surrounded by admirers and beautiful women, so it’s no wonder that they end up having some of the most gorgeous children. The daughters of some of these rock stars have made a name for themselves being the hot, smart and successful beauties that they are. Whether it’s their enchanting eyes, sultry lips or amazing bodies, these young women have grown up to make more than just their parents proud. Here’s a list of the 12 hottest daughters of rock stars.

12. Frances Bean

If you were a fan of alternative rock, then you knew all about the legendary rock band named Nirvana. You probably knew even more about their lead singer and guitarist, Kurt Cobain. What you probably weren’t aware of is how incredibly hot Cobain’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain is. The twenty three year old is the only child of Kurt Cobain and singer/actress Courtney Love. She has followed in her mother’s footsteps and has pursued a career in visual arts. Frances Cobain recently got married to musician Isaiah Silva. Whether it’s her insanely beautiful blue eyes, or her edgy style, Frances Bean Cobain is hotter than hot.



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