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10 Celebrities who disappeared without a trace (With Pictures)


Celebrities – There are few things more mysterious than when a human being disappears. The most mysterious thing about a disappearance is that it requires time and effort. Not necessarily the effort of the person who disappeared, but the effort of the many people searching for them in order for it to truly be classified as a “disappearance.” When the person who vanished is a famous celebrity, the mystery only intensifies.


Celebrities lives are so closely monitored in today’s society, it’s amazing some of them could disappear for a few minutes, let alone for years, or decades. And yet, on more than several occasions, celebrities have legally been declared missing. Other cases weren’t quite as severe, but the fact remained that a famous public figure had somehow genuinely removed themselves from both the public and private eye.

One of the greatest motivators in the mystery surrounding a disappearance is the terror many feel when they imagine it happening to them. A world in which we, the individual, no longer exist in any form is high up the list on most individual’s worst nightmares. And yet, a few of these cases were intentional, either due to depression or various other personal problems. Unfortunately, most cases are more tragic, ending with unsurprising bad news. Others are uplifting in a way, or at least highlight the tenacity of the human spirit. Regardless of the story, each one of these celebrities wrote the most fascinating chapter of their biographies while nowhere in sight.

10. Casey Kasem – Mental And Familial Issues

Via The New York Times

Casey Kasem didn’t “disappear” for long, but his story is certainly interesting enough to fit the list. The long time radio countdown host and television presenter was declared missing by his daughter in 2014. Kasem was nearing the end of his life, and suffering from Lewy body dementia; his health was in dire straits, greatly worrying his family.

As is occasionally the case with missing persons, this case was more of a family issue than a true disappearance. From the start, Kasem’s daughter assumed that her father had been kidnapped, and indeed, his wife Jean had removed Kasem from his nursing home. Various legal and familial issues plagued Kasem for the rest of his life, which ended in July of 2014.

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