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10 Celebrities who disappeared without a trace (With Pictures)

3. Jason Mewes – Disappeared Instead Of Turning Himself In To Police

Via View Askew Productions

Fans of Jay “Phat Buds” Mewes probably weren’t surprised when he was said to be missing, and were even less surprised when the story turned out to be drug related when he was later found. Although expected, his story is still a tragic tale of drug abuse and excess caused in part by the celebrity machine. As Dogma and later his starring vehicle Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back became successful, it became easier for Jason to fall into his worst habits and spend weeks doing nothing but heroin.

Jay was never legally declared missing, as everyone who knew him knew what he was doing, just not where he was. A warrant for his arrest was issued in New Jersey in 2001, and rather than face the consequences of jail time or rehab, Mewes disappeared. Several years later in 2003, Mewes nearly lit himself on fire and hit his rock bottom, returning to New Jersey to turn himself in. Though Mewes has since relapsed, he now claims to have been clean and sober since 2010.



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