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10 celebrities that are shockingly poorer than you (With Pictures)


Celebrities that are shockingly poorer than you – Celebrities are supposed to be rich. If they aren’t rich, they can’t afford all the items that make them so intriguingly remote: youth everlasting and designer clothes from this year’s collection. So what happens to their celebrity when they lose all their money? For some, it dwindles altogether. A few of the celebrities on the following list had to get day jobs just to make ends meet.


They certainly couldn’t afford this year’s designer collection (but you’ll find them rifling through the half-off bin at your local H&M).

These celebrities lost their money for a variety of reasons. Oftentimes, it was related to court battles, which sucked them totally dry. For a few others, it was because they developed certain bad habits and they couldn’t curb their impulse control until poverty did it for them, and even then… The rest of them just could not longer get work and cruised on royalties until TBS or some other D-list channel cancelled re-runs and all of sudden their monthy check hit menopause.

What we all know for sure is this: if you asked your average person how much money one of these celebrities has, he or she would grossly overestimate it. That’s the one thing we tried to preserve in our research. These are celebrities who most people would say has millions, but for who that is sometimes sorely inaccurate.

Ready? Let’s hop right in, to the 10 celebrities POORER than you’d think.

10. Mike Tyson – $1 million


At the height of his wrestling career, Mike Tyson was worth over $300 million. That’s a lot of money, especially for someone who has a tattoo all over his face. It seemed too good to be true. And so it was, apparently. Two hundred and ninety-nine of his three-hundred million dollars have disappeared from financial irresponsibility and controversy. We wager that the giant tattoo across his face must have cost him a pretty penny, as must have the tiger he has for a pet. Perhaps it would be a good idea for Mike Tyson to make like George Foreman and brand an ultra-conveniant appliance with his name, thus regaining fame, fortune, and relevance.

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