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10 signs she is no longer into you – Every guy needs to see this.

10 signs she is no longer into you - love, relationship - girl on

Signs she is no longer into you: Women are funny creatures. On one end of the spectrum, they love sharing their feelings. However, when it comes to ending a relationship, they often find themselves at a loss for words (probably the only time a woman is at a loss for words). Women and men view relationships very differently and approach relationships very differently. Often times, when a couple breaks up, the guy claims “it was out of nowhere.”

As much as we would love to believe that, if the woman is the one who ended it, she has most probably been giving you signs for a good amount of time.

Women are very analytical, especially when it comes to making a big decision such as ending a relationship. They will weigh out all the pros and cons, seek advice from other women and slowly begin to distance themselves.

These are the ten signs she is no longer into you. If you find yourself reading this article and finding it similar to how your girl is behaving, chances are she is getting ready to call it quits.

Relationships are very tricky, and when you start falling for someone you always need to remember that you can get hurt or you can hurt someone else. Although being straight forward is the most valued form of ending a relationship, sometimes it is simply too hard for someone, so they begin to give you signs – never ignore the signs/

10. She Stops Making Plans in Advance 

Girls are all about making plans; plans for the weekend, the month and even the future. So, if a girl who once loved making plans with you is not jumping to the occasion to organize a fun trip or even a fun night together, chances are she is slowly distancing herself from you. Trust me, if a girl wants to be around you, she will be making plans. Women love making plans – that is, of course, with people they are interested in seeing. If she is not making plans with you, she is making plans without you, meaning she no longer considers you guys as a union but as something she is trying to push away.Signs she is no longer into you



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