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10 WWE records that will never be broken no matter what!
WWE records that will never be broken: As in any sport, the WWE has a history defined by records of various sorts. Certain ones have understandably garnered more attention from media and from fans over time. Others have made their holders into cult heroes, as it is unlikely that any will ever repeat their efforts. For true wrestling fans, records are a means by which they are allowed to measure the status and cumulated careers of their heroes.

Some records are mere place holders. They fall away year in and year out, only to be replaced by another wrestler’s name. This name will in turn eventually fade to reveal the latest rising star or fan fad thought to have earned enough to achieve a small bone of sorts from the WWE writers behind the scenes. These are not the records that comprise this list.

This list is made of the records that refuse to bow to the forces of time. These are all statistics and streaks that were forged by wrestling heroes in the eyes of fans. They are their claims to fame, and are largely the foundation of the WWE’s already illustrious history. For those looking to educate themselves on the best of the WWE, or those simply looking for a refreshing nostalgia trip, read on for the top ten unbreakable WWE records.

10. Shortest Title Reign



Here’s one record we’d venture to say every wrestler will want to remain unbroken. After all, being the record holder for the shortest title reign of all time is not the most honorable distinction. Unfortunately for Triple H, it’s a distinction he will likely hold for as long as the WWE exists.

Triple H earned this dubious record due to a slight technicality. In a No Mercy event in 2002, Triple H squared off against the current Intercontinental Champion Kane. As Triple H was the World Heavyweight Champion, whoever won the match would unify the belts. Triple H won, unifying the championship titles. In total, he held the Intercontinental title for less than a minute, and it wouldn’t be until a few months later that the Intercontinental Championship would be brought back into the fold.



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