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The 20 sexiest celebrity vegetarians – See who’s number 1! (With Pictures)


Sexiest celebrity vegetarians – There are plenty of factors involved in having a perfect body, but diet is definitely high up on the list. That may not be the reason these stars went vegetarian, but it certainly hasn’t hurt. Health consciousness and clean living has always been important to Hollywood’s sexiest stars, and for many, that has included adapting some form of a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.


Just as there’s more than one way to make your body look good, there’s more than one reason to stop eating meat, and these celebs have various reasons like anyone else. Some feel eating meat is morally wrong, while others see inherent problems with the meat industry and the general culture surrounding it. A few genuinely only went vegetarian for the health reasons, while others still have kept their reasons personal. Regardless of why, these celebs primarily eat plants, and they look great doing it.

20. Natalie Portman – Easy Being Vegan In France


Natalie Portman has famously been a vegetarian most of her life, and has gone completely vegan on more than one occasion. She credits her healthy lifestyle with helping maintain her beautiful skin, noting dairy products are most likely to make her break out. Since recently moving her family to France, Portman notes it’s become easier to live the vegan lifestyle in Europe than it is in America, with far less fatty food options constantly thrown into the public’s face.



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