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Top 10 Singers over 45 with the hottest and banging bodies – See who’s number 1! (With Pictures)



Singers over 45 with the hottest and banging bodies – We all have favorite singers. Not only do we follow their careers but we monitor the appearance of our favorite singers as well. Of course, not at all in the judgmental sense, but in the most endearing way a fan could. For years, people search for anti-aging techniques and practices to maintain a youthful look.


Also, there have been several publications highlighting the “beauty secrets” of the celebs that we see and have a hard time believing their true age. Well, we may not be able to confirm exactly what the “secret” to maintaining a youthful look is, but the celebs that made our list today definitely know what it is. More importantly, they aren’t afraid to flaunt it, and why should they be? All of the well known singers that made our list were born in the 1950s and some even earlier than that. However, they uphold a look of youthfulness that makeup, cameras, and lighting simply will not do. Not only are the ladies on our list 11 of the hottest singers over 45, but they are also some of the most talented, successful, and hard working women in the music business.

10. Tina Turner

The number one hot singer over 40 is the lovely and talented Tina Turner. We have seen Tina Turner dance across stages for years and few are aware of the fact that she has even insured the legs that the world has grown to love so much. Additionally, at the beautiful age of 76-years old, Tina Turner still wears the same beautiful smile that accents her smooth skin and vibrant complexion. Tina Turner is also very health conscious and is dedicated to a diet that promotes a healthy body. Also being a spiritual person, Tina Turner focuses on the state of her mental well being as well, which she feels helps her maintain her overall appearance.

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