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9 Former child stars who have grown into smoking hot bodies – You need to see #1! (With Pictures)


Child stars who have grown into smoking hot bodies – You used to remember them as fresh faced teens. They would appear on the covers of magazines likeTeen Vogue and Seventeen, smiling radiantly and with a sense of childlike innocence about them. Their eyes were wide and bright, their skin somehow pimple-free.


If you’re a woman, these were the girls you wanted to be when you were younger. You’d pick up a copy of a magazine, sigh and think it simply wasn’t fair. If you’re a man, these girls were maybe your ideal mate. When you kissed your first girlfriend, maybe they were who you thought of behind your eyelids. Their smiling faces spoke to you in ways you always had to imagine, but you wished it was real. Or, maybe you’re older now and you saw them on TV a few years back. They used to have rounded faces, squeaking voices. Either they grated your nerves or they reminded you of your own childhood, watching kid sitcoms and laughing – boy, how your sense of humor has changed over the years.

No matter how old you are now, they’ve grown – in more ways than one. The faces of the teenage queens you used to see gracing pink and white gloss covers are now wearing sultry eyes, barely any clothing and they’ve moved on to Maxim and Cosmopolitan. They aren’t girls anymore, they’re 100% women – and boy is that a good thing.

9. Selena Gomez

You probably didn’t first see Selena Gomez on Wizards of Waverly Place, even though that was how she got her start. The actress and singer actually got her start on Barney & Friends in the early 2000s. She’s now best known as a singer and the off-and-on ex of Justin Bieber.

The starlet is also recognized as being pretty hot – puberty was certainly kind to her in a lot of ways. Gomez has gone from covering magazines bearing titles like “Kiss & Tell” to “50 Sex Tips,” which can be seen on her Cosmopolitan cover. She’s also been revealed to be pretty sultry in her music videos. Gomez is also quite charitable, making her the full and complete package of pretty, sweet and a sizzling body.

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