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12 things about Beyonce EVERYONE needs to know

2. She Is A Vegan

Via Xonecole

After announcing to the world that she had turned vegan yet still ate meat (?), Queen Bey was still able to piss off PETA in the biggest way possible after releasing her newly anticipated sneaker line. However, unfortunately the sneaker itself was made from crocodile and anaconda skins resulting in PETA sending an angry letter to the vegan living animal lover. And this wasn’t the first time PETA had a problem with Bey’s fashion choices, once scolding her for wearing a leather bodice made from python skin.


1. She Woke Up Like This

Having the body of a goddess and the thighs to match it can be incredibly easy for someone to lecture to the rest of the world to embrace those dimples. Sadly not everyone has the access to the best trainers, gyms and personal chefs and that’s not to mention the craftily done Photoshop edits that so often appear on her Instagram page. Once quoted as saying‘we all have our imperfections. But I’m human, and you know, it’s important to concentrate on other qualities besides outer beauty’. It can be extremely difficult for us not to worry when someone who is absolutely stunningly beautiful to tell us to not to.


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  1. Mido says

    Please fire this reporter. This is garbage

    1. Ahegie says

      This reporter is most definitely a burnt, jealous hating bitch…get a life

  2. Anonymous says

    You're a bitter person..

  3. anonymous says


    1. Amaka says

      Lollll u want to see something bad smh

  4. siege says

    OK this is total garbage, she doesn't question God is supposed to be a bad thing? Mr Blogger do U even read before you post?

  5. manna says

    Nonsense…dude get a other job you news is trash

  6. @tessie164 says

    Waste of time

    1. Val says


  7. rimzy says

    Always coming up with trash…..your editor is bad

  8. Azula says

    dawg ur information was lame. Yes she does claim to be perfect but u were just bored and decided to complied a list of trash! This is 1st grader work!!!

  9. WordLover says

    You retarded dumbfucks, you make the writers point with all your poorly crafted comments. Pls good job on the article, it was well written and well researched. Before you trollers start throwing random insults about, read the first part where he explains it all, mumus of life kawai.

  10. Dee says

    There's nothing objective about this post. I read to the end hoping this was a joke. Such a waste of time.

  11. Tesa says

    Dumbest post ever!! Blogger is such a hater ?,Get a life please ??

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