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20 Celebs with shockingly dark secrets – You’ll be surprised to see this! (With Pictures)

16. Charlize Theron – Saw Her Mother Kill Her Father

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Charlize is one of the most talented actresses out there. Whether you loved her in Mad Max, or you were amazed by her transformation in Monster, her dedication is without question amazing.

When Charlize was growing up, her father was an alcoholic, who was verbally abusive towards Charlize. On one night, he returned home and shot up the locked gate, as well as the door to the kitchen. Charlize ran to her bedroom, while her father shouted that he was going to kill both her and her mother that night.

Her father then shot the gun into Charlize’s room. Before he could do anything else, Charlize’s mother shot and killed him. Thankfully, the courts ruled in favor of self-defense, and her mother did not face any charges or prosecution for her actions.

15. Jimmy Page And David Bowie – Dated A 14-Year-Old

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One would think that being in Led Zeppelin meant that you could pretty much sleep with any woman in the world. Why you would go after a 14-year-old is beyond me. Apparently Lori Maddox (better known as Lori Lightning) was something special because she was able to seduce both David Bowie, and Jimmy Page. The only problem? She was 13 when she lost her virginity to Bowie, and she was only 14 when she started her relationship with Jimmy. This was far from a one time thing, as Jimmy was reported to have spent years having a secret affair with Lori. Talk about it being awkward every year her birthday came around.



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