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20 Dirty secrets about ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ they don’t want you to know

19. Scott Disick’s Dad Robbed A Bank

Disick Dad

We all have those skeletons in the closet we want to keep locked away because the threat of them being revealed could potentially challenge your future or make your public persona not quite as appealing. Scott Disick is the ex-husband of Kourtney and father to their two children. He’s known for being hot-headed, a bit narcissistic, but dopey funny all rolled into one. Scott also allegedly has a drinking and cocaine problem. According to reports, he gets quite belligerent and outlandish when he is under the influence.

Most would assume it runs in the family seeing as how he has quite the rebel for a father. Scott’s father, Jeffrey Disick, had robbed a bank close to the Disick family home in Eastport, N.Y. He was turned into the police and pled guilty to the charges. He was charged with petty larceny and because of his cooperation he was able to walk away with paying restitution and doing some community service in lieu of going to jail. Not to mention name dropping doesn’t hurt when you are offered a deal like that.

18. Lamar-Khloe Marriage Disaster – Kardashians To Blame?


During the Khloe and Lamar days, tensions ran high between the Kardashian clan and Khloe’s new beau. Lamar was known for his amazing basketball career, being a first-class womanizer, and his substance abuse. He allegedly revealed his cheating secret to Khloe’s brother, Rob, while he was crashing at Khloe and Lamar’s home.

Rob and Lamar got into a heated fight and Rob decided it was best for him to just move out. To this day, Lamar swears the Kardashian Family are the ones who outed him to the press in hopes of destroying his relationship with Khloe. Sources also said Khloe had Lamar tailed by a private investigator even though it was never aired on Keeping up with the Kardashians. Lamar and Khloe ended up divorcing due to “irreconcilable differences” but still remain in contact with each other as friends.



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