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20 Dirty secrets about ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ they don’t want you to know

17. Khloe Not A Kardashian?

Khloe Dad

Among the collection of Kardashian secrets, this is probably one of the most jaw-dropping secrets. There’s speculation that Khloe may not be a Kardashian at all, but was raised by Robert Kardashian Sr. as one of his own. Kris’s hairdresser, Alex Roldan, was in their lives pretty steadily at the time Khloe was conceived. Kris, according to close acquaintances, told Robert Kardashian on numerous occasions that Khloe is not his child. Roldan tried speaking out apparently but, shortly after discovering those rumors might hold some truth, Robert Kardashian had Roldan sign a $30-million non-disclosure agreement.

Since then, he refused to comment on his and Kris’s relationship…Odd, right? What’s even more eerie isO.J. Simpson may be Khloe’s father! Apparently, Simpson confessed to a prison guard concerning his alleged affair with Kris and Khloe may be his biological daughter. Since this allegation is pretty new, only time will tell if it’s true.


16. Kim’s Marriage to Humphries – Alleged Sham To Boost Ratings


Kim was married and had it annulled faster than you can say “I do” to NBA player Kris Humphries. A whole seventy-two days of marital bliss and the wedding breakdown Kim had over her father not walking her down the aisle, all for her to say “Yeah, I’m done, it’s been real.” Humphries felt played by Kim and toyed with all in the name of good television.

According to rumors, Kim wanted to film her goodbye to Humphries and air it on Keeping up with the Kardashians. Momager said absolutely not. After Humphries caught word of what Kim wanted to do, he has firmly believed their marriage was nothing more than a sham and a ploy to boost ratings and viewers. Since then, Humphries has said he wants nothing to do with the show ever again and to keep his name out of it.

15. Kim’s Sex-Tape with Ray-J Allegedly Leaked in 2007

Kim and Ray J

Probably one of the biggest controversies of the 2000’s. When Kim’s sex tape with Ray-J was discovered and given to Vivid to sell, she slapped the company with a lawsuit. The producer of Girls Gone Wild sat in as a “mediator” and they settled the lawsuit. Kim, since the agreement, has made $5 million from the sex tape sales and kept quiet from there. The most scandalous and puzzling piece in this whole fiasco is how did it get leaked in the first place? Who else may have known about it?

You guessed it…good ol’ mom! There’s speculation that Kris is hiding her red hands and denying any involvement with the leak. Sources believe using Kim as a cash cow was artistically orchestrated by Kris to get cameras leaning their way, and it worked – six months later Keeping up with the Kardashians aired…



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