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20 Dirty secrets about ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ they don’t want you to know

14. Kris – Allegedly Bribed Writer For A Better Review

Kris Talk Show

The Kardashian women have mastered the fashion industry, reality television, and developed a faithful following in all corners of the world. Kris has now decided she’s capable of running her own talk show because clearly people like hearing her talk…yeah, that’s not going to happen. Ratings on the show have generated negative opinions from critics and a small following. The six month test she had been given by the network was a total bust and her show was canceled before the first episode.

Kris, being the master of pulling puppet strings, tried to bribe her way to a better review. She sent a columnist at the New York Post who had written a harsh review a $325 Tiffany pen. With the pen was a note stating that maybe she could “write a better review next time.” The columnist was incredibly insulted and replied she couldn’t be bought.


13. Kim’s Plastic Surgery – “I Swear I Just Had Botox”

Before and After Kim

Right off the bat, we all know this is a lie. If someone was to Google “the faces of Kim”, you would see the drastic differences between then and now. Allegedly, Kim had liposuction in her thighs and had fat implanted into her butt. Weird, right? Also, according to her ex, Damon Thomas, he admitted to financing Kim’s perky boob job and liposuction.

Kim still sticks to her story and speaks through her unnaturally plump lips of not being surgically enhanced, and SWEARS she’s only had Botox done. If that was the case, how come she wanted to get a little plastic surgery pick me up after the birth of her first child, North?



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