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20 Dirty secrets about ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ they don’t want you to know

12. Kardashian Girls Are Allegedly Spoiled Slobs


The housekeepers, according to sources, came clean on the girls’ everyday mannerisms. They’ve allegedly claimed all the girls as being total slobs who never clean up after themselves, but expect their closets or pantries to look impeccable at all times so they are “camera ready”. For Kim, it’s her closet which is the holy grail of the Kardashian household. She will have three to five (sometimes more) outfit changes before going out, throws everything around and expects all items to be organized to her liking or she will pull it all out and make them start again. For Kourtney it’s the kids. The kids run from room to room making a mess. The housekeepers are expected to clean up the room after they have been in there and clean up all their toys, then go to the next room they were in and clean while the kids make a mess again in the room they had just straightened up. Khloe is particular about the pantries in the kitchen. The snacks need to be appealing to look at on camera or, like Kim with her closet, Khloe will pull it all out and make them start over again.


11. The Kardashian Girls As Kids

Kardashians as Kids

All little kids dream of having a career, getting married, having kids, or solely concentrating on their career – distraction free. As kids, Khloe and Kourtney shared the tenacity and ambition to have it all like their Momager. Kourtney wanted to go to college, get a degree, and be serious about her future. Rumor has it, Kourtney would have Kim pretend to be her assistant when they would play dress-up as children.

Kim never had high expectations for herself in building a career like Kourtney. She was never the school type or showed interest in expanding her education. Instead, she always dreamed of being a homemaker and just have kids and be the stay-at-home wife. Khloe is a go-getter and definitely one-of-a-kind. She’s career-oriented but knows how to kick up her heels when needed.



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