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20 Dirty secrets about ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ they don’t want you to know

6. Spoiled And Mistreatment


When KUWTK first began, the camera crew took up residency in the Kardashian home since they filmed practically 24/7. They claimed the Kardashians to be hospitable and caring. Like all good things, it didn’t last. As the years passed and the show became more popular, the crew became pylons in the eyes of the family.

Reports claim they were being used as personal assistants to go and run errands, and spoken down to. Much like the crew, housekeepers and assistants were allegedly treated the same. They claimed Kourtney to have OCD, Kim was a slob (but nicer than Kourtney), and Khloe was the only tolerable one. She was fun loving and always joking around, making people laugh.


5. Robert Kardashian Sr.’s Will Challenged 

Robert Kardashian

After the death of Robert Kardashian Sr., Kourtney challenged the will he had made. She claims she doesn’t believe certain items were actually left to his wife, Ellen. She had the will contested and paid someone to analyze the handwriting. She wanted to ensure the document had not been a forgery and was actually her father’s wishes.

According to sources, Kourtney thought it was written by her stepmother in an attempt to gain valuable assets that could, quite possibly, out the deepest secrets of the Kardashian family. Much to Kourtney’s dismay, after the analysis, it was confirmed that Robert Kardashian had written his will. Ellen was entitled to the items in the dispute that he had left in her name.



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