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GUYS: 10 reasons why your woman does not enjoy s*x with you – See this now!

Why your woman does not enjoy sex – The modern day woman strives to be the best in the office coupled with motherhood and becoming a best friend. She also has work to do on having the best figure, balancing the home and her outlook as well, these and many more may kill her appetite to have sex.


The reason some women do not enjoy sex varies from one woman to another. For some it could be a physical issue, emotional issue or psychological issue while to others it could be a health issue.

Keeping sex alive involves maintaining your focus on pleasurable living to industrious activity. It involves changing your focus from perfection and accomplishment to embracing pleasure in life as a healthy and worthwhile pursuit. According to Esther Odili who spoke with Dr Taiwo Fadeyi, a sex therapist, and she listed the following as the reasons some women don’t enjoy intercourse with their partners.

1. Low Libido- Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD)

Women who suffer from female sexual arousal disorder always have low libido. This condition is characterized by the kind of disinterest in sex that you describe. Women with this condition are not afraid of sexual intimacy but they suffer from a deficiency or absence of sexual desire.

Hormonal deficiency, disease, anti depressant drugs can be linked to this condition. This can affect the sexual desire and function of some women. Many women who have low libidos choose men who they hope will not make too many sexual demands on them.

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