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If you can answer these 6 questions, Know you are ready for marriage!


Know you are ready for marriage – Think you’re ready for this? In a culture where more and more people are ditching the official papers in favor of a “non-official” lifetime commitment, the ultimate question still remains: Should couples get married, or live together in a lifetime commitment without the legal tie-ins?


A friend of mine dated his girlfriend for over 10 years. They lived together on 3 continents before he proposed. When I asked him why he waited so long, he responded, “I never saw a point in getting married until we wanted to have kids.” For him, the marriage part didn’t bring anything new to the relationship, but he did want his kids to be born in a traditional family.

Another friend declared that he would propose to his girlfriend after a year after they moved in together — and he did exactly that. I have friends who’ve been together years and years, have kids together, but never got married.

One thing IS true for most people — marriage is a big freaking deal. So before you decide to take the leap (or decide it’s not for you at all), here are a few things that need to be considered:

1. Do you see yourself creating a life with this person?

Beyond the love you feel, beyond them being sweet or loving or having amazing attributes — do you really see yourself with this person? Do you have similar visions and values about the future?

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