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Top 10 Most disturbing unexplained mysteries in the world (With Pictures)

6. The 52-Hertz Whale

For over twenty-five years, marine biologists have monitored a song from a whale in the North Pacific. Most whales sing at a frequency of 10-20 hertz (Hz), this particular whale sings at a higher pitch of 52 hertz (Hz). As a result, researchers have never had a return response, leaving the creature to be known as the “world’s loneliest whale.”

Since whales typically sing at a much lower frequency, The 52 Hertz (Hz) Whale would seem to be speaking a different language to other whales, if they can hear him at all. The sounds have deepened slightly since 1992, indicative of the whale having matured or grown.

Researchers have so far been unable to identify the whale’s species, but they speculate that he could be deformed, or a hybrid of different species. Though his movements can be tracked by his sounds, he has never been see and is so far the only one of its kind detected.



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