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10 Things you will know if you were raised by Nigerian parents

Nigerian parents

Nigerian parents – Firstly, growing up with Nigerian parents is mega interesting. Reflecting on the things they often force us to do would leave many laughing hysterically. Not only do the parents cheat and rob us of our fun times, they also make us serve them compulsorily.


While this may not be fair, please do not try to stand up to your parents as you could win series of slaps for doing so. And chances are you would probably do same for your children too. Check out some of the things Nigerian parents say to their wards:

1. When you are sent on unnecessary errands

things you would know if you were raised by Nigerian parents

Nigerian mums are known for sending their wards on annoying errands. Imagine being called by your mum from a distance only for her to ask you to get her something within her reach.



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