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10 Signs you’re dating the wrong person – See this now an stop wasting your time!

Signs you're dating the wrong person

Signs you’re dating the wrong person -Have you been with someone before and you ask your self “what the hell was I thinking!!”….. Don’t worry much, you’re not the first.

Hear are some 10 signs that shows you’re dating the wrong person.


1.They don’t Listen to you

He/she never listens to you… Whenever you say something they act like its nothing or irrelevant.

2. They are only caring when People are watching

They act like you are their ‘everything’ only when there are eyes watching…. They hold your hands,kiss you because he/she want people around to be impressed.. But when you are alone, n when all those gestures should matter more, he/she doesn’t ‘give you face’



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