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11 Celebs who lost their virginity very young and hated it (With Pictures)

Celebs who lost their virginity very young

Celebs who lost their virginity very young – Along with the excitement of fame comes every embarrassing story, picture and experience that people can dig up, and due to the lack of boundaries within the media, reporters feel like it is okay to ask any question no matter how personal it is. One of those personal questions is: “how old were you when you lost your virginity?”.


When celebs are faced with boundary-pushing questions like this it’s hard not to be slightly annoyed at how personal one can get just to keep their job. On the other hand there is something in all of us that wants to know just how that celeb used to get down and dirty, more importantly how their experience played out. Many celebs have spilled the goods about their experience and the details are so juicy we could not help but to write an article about it.

Do you not want to know who lost their virginity in the mud? Who did it in a van? Who got laughed at and even more interesting, who cut themselves to “feel closer” to their partner after the act? Never fear, this article will reassure you that your first time may not be the worst in the world and better yet, it will reassure you that you are not the only one in the world who asked “is that it?” If you are feeling nosy read on to see a list of celebrities who dished on their less than satisfying, some may even say horrifyingly, embarrassing first times.

11. Angelina Jolie

In true Angelina Jolie fashion her virginity story is scary and cryptic. We all know Jolie has a fascination with blood and it seems as though the fascination started early in life. What does this have to do with her losing her virginity? Well, apparently after she had sex for the first time at 14 “the emotions didn’t feel enough” so Jolie decided it would be a great idea to cut him “[I] grabbed a knife and cut him “ she proceeded to cut herself and they held hands. This made her feel closer to him in some way that we all may never understand.



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